Xavier Wulf – Trophy Boyz

Xavier Wulf - Trophy Boyz


Xavier Wulf - Trophy Boyz
Xavier Wulf – Trophy Boyz

Xavier Wulf comes through with another new record titled “Trophy Boyz” and right here for stream and download below.

Listen up and share your thoughts.

Available below.

Excuse me ill have you know im the shooter

Im posted with the regiment
Behind that legal tint
Don’t you question my intent
Ill come to kill and dip
She want me to sit and sip
I ain’t feeling it
I’d rather go and spin the whip
With the clique and shit
Biggas pillow talking tricks
Quit pillow talking bitch
Smoke like its my only wish
All imma say is this
Don’t you try and play defense
You ain’t a victim bitch
Heard that you been talking shit
Show me what’s up with it

I did this shit for purely joy
I let her scream ahoy
Hollowsquad the trophy boys
You just a turkey boy
Play with me i won’t avoid
Ill get you annoyed
Better keep that distance boy
Ill let the squad deploy

How dare he try to swindle me
How stupid can you be
Im hella straight from tennessee
Memphis specifically
Make me serve this 50 piece
That’s a casualty
I left him sinkin in the street
What a tragedy
Id rather you stay mad at me
Like i don’t want the peace
You hoes don’t even care for you
How she gon care for me
I be the best that i can be
Far as i can see
We sail across the 7 seas
For eternity..


Written by Leaker

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself..