The Reason 50 Cent is Forever in Debt to Tony Yayo

The Reason 50 Cent is Forever in Debt to Tony Yayo


The Reason 50 Cent is Forever in Debt to Tony Yayo
The Reason 50 Cent is Forever in Debt to Tony Yayo


In recent years, 50 Cent has drifted away from Floyd Mayweather, Sha Money XL and Lloyd Banks, after internal fallouts. Floyd and Sha had to do with financial disagreements; while Kanan was in the complete wrong with Banks.

This led some of us to remember why Tony Yayo is the only original G-Unit member 50 Cent will never disrespect. Fifty will obviously never hold his tongue back on speaking out on why he thinks Yayo should’ve had a longer rap career – that’s what friends are supposed to do.

However, after a recent conversation with a few of our friends from Southside Queens, it made us realize why the two are inseparable. During the pre G-Unit days, Fifty and Yayo ran with the Lost Boys. So, in Queens, there was no Bloods or Crips at the time (in a major way), just LB.

After the inevitable split, some neighborhoods went right and others went left. 50 Cent was one of the only few people to be cool with each section in Southside, on the strength of Tony. Yayo literally put his life and freedom on the line to protect 50 Cent and bring street cred to G-Unit.

That meant a lot, because at the time, Bloods ran almost the entire city. So, saying you would never join a gang and still get respect was rare for G-Unit. You have your Gangster Disciples (previously BGD) in Southside as well, who G-Unit had respect from as well.

This dates all the way back to 1998, before his original deal after the infamous single, “How to Rob.” So with the former Lost Boys turning G-Unit, Hattians from Queens Village also joining the movement, it gave the allure that 50 was outside causing havoc to enemies.

Essentially, Yayo was the glue for the streets to 50 Cent, which allowed them to travel anywhere and feel comfortable. (If ya’ll reading this, I remember the Yellow Hummer Truck from 04 niggas had up and down Merrick Boulevard that whole summer, westside up!).

By Yayo putting his life on the line for 50, til this day, is why the two will never have a falling out. If you’re too young to understand, they would’ve take prison time together like Bobby Shmurda did for Rowdy Rebel.

50 has successfully transitioned from the music business to become an entertainment executive for television.

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