Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah Call Out Voter Suppression and Trump’s White House Wall in Election Specials


Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah Call Out Voter Suppression and Trump’s White House Wall in Election Specials

Stephen Colbert kicked off his live election night special with an extended animated “My Cartoon President” bit which saw Donald Trump floating away with a giant balloon, leaving Joe Biden the supposed winner. However, right as the balloon passes the White House, it popped, and Biden realized that many votes still needed to be counted.

And sure enough, as Colbert and fellow late-night host Trevor Noah go live at 11 p.m. ET/PT the race is still too early and too close to call.

When Colbert appeared in person on Showtime, he was sat in an Oval Office set with only his wife and a couple of masked cameramen in the room.

Both Colbert and “The Daily Show” are having to walk the comedy tightrope of what their viewers are going to find funny on a night when their nerves are likely in shreds.

“We don’t know what some of tonight’s show is going to be, it’s like making cookies and we don’t know what’s going to be in the batch…chocolate chips or thumbtacks,” Colbert said in his opening monologue.

Colbert also highlighted the massive increase in mail-in votes due to the pandemic, saying that the GOP are “as we speak” trying to get those votes invalidated in multiple states.

“You know the old saying, if you can’t beat ’em, find a judge who says you know what you actually did beat ’em,” Colbert joked.

The host also pointed to businesses across the country boarding up their storefronts in case protests kick off after the results, as wll as cracking a joked about the massive wall that Trump erected in front of the White House.

“In the end they built the wall and locked him up,” Colbert said.

Colbert previously hosted a live election special on Showtime in 2016, during which the host veered from surprise that Trump’s candidacy had made it that far, to incredulity that he was about to beat Hillary Clinton. Variety described the wild hour as “the late-night equivalent of a wake.” 

This time around for “Stephen Colbert’s Election Night 2020: Democracy’s Last Stand: Building Back America Great Again Better 2020,” the “Late Show” host is welcoming a guest list which includes Charlamagne Tha God, Alex Wagner, John Heilemann and Mark McKinnon.

Meanwhile Noah is shooting his hourlong special, “Votegasm 2020: What Could Go Wrong? (Again),” from New York, providing real-time news and analysis. He will be joined by a host of familiar “Daily Show” correspondents including  Ronny Chieng, Michael Kosta, Desi Lydic, Dulcé Sloan, Jaboukie Young-White and Roy Wood Jr. Jordan Klepper is providing special reporting for “Votegasm.”

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