Forget the Soho House, Prince Harry has joined an exclusive helicopter club near his new home in Santa Barbara, Calif., so he can take trips with Meghan Markle and Archie, according to the Sun.

Additionally, the membership will allow Harry to keep his helicopter license up to date and renewable.

“Harry has joined a local flying club in California so that he can keep his helicopter license current,” a source told the paper. “You know you have to do a number of hours per year otherwise your license won’t be renewed, and that applies in the US as much as it does in the UK.”

A friend of the Prince’s added: “He’s very proud of that license; he worked hard to get first the basic and then the Apache… He’s hardly likely to be recalled for military service in England again but he wants to keep the hours up for personal use, so he and Meghan can just take off for expeditions if they want to.”

Harry first got trained on helicopters in 2008 and in 2012 qualified as an Apache pilot — later serving as co-pilot gunner where he shared flying duties and took control of the two-man Apache during his time serving in Afghanistan.

While Harry doesn’t own his own chopper yet, plenty of starstruck neighbors do as a source told the Sun: “There will be plenty of rich benefactors with helicopters who would love the royal association.”

The Prince and his Duchess can easily afford one of their own after signing a deal with Netflix which is reportedly worth $150 million.

Meanwhile, the eco-friendly Prince and his bride have been facing criticism for private travel while preaching carbon-friendly policies.