NLE Choppa Advises People To Eat Vegetables & Put Them Travis Scott Burgers Down

NLE Choppa Tells People To Eat Healthy & ‘Put Them Travis Scott Burgers Down’

Folks on social media have been going wild following the announcement of a new partnership deal between Travis Scott and McDonald’s. But, NLE Choppa doesn’t feel the same way.

La Flame’s signature burger is essentially a quarter pounder with bacon and lettuce, along with a BBQ sauce on the side for his fries.

A lot of people have been heading to the drive-thru telling employees that Travis Scott sent them. Well, NLE Choppa, who has been preaching the benefits of a plant-based diet, he reminded people that the food you eat also has a way of messing with your mind.

“Eat healthy man that food y’all eating can fucc with your mental too,” he tweeted before reminding people how bad McDonald’s is. “Put them Travis Scott burgers down go to the farmers market go eat some vegetables!! eat plant based foods!!”

Rapper NLE Choppa has been on a journey of a better lifestyle. He’s earlier launched a YouTube page documenting his journey with a plant-based diet.

Choppa has quit taking liquor and the weed and said that he won’t be rapping about violence anymore. Some would say he’s a new man and he’s using his social media to spread the message.