Former Presidential spokesperson, Reno Omokri has slammed Nigerians who raised over $15,000 for BBNaija’s Erica after her disqualification from the reality show. 


According to Reno Omokri, Nigerians were able to achieve the milestone donation for Erica in 5 hours but have not been able to put up any resistance against President Buhari over the increased fuel and electricity cost, 5 days after the decision was made public. 


The former Presidential spokesperson who singled out Nigerians who always say “come and lead the protest”, stated that we act spontaneously for irrelevancies but look up to others to act for us on relevant things. 


He wrote;


In 5 hours, Nigerians raised $15,000 for #BBNaija’s Erica. In 5 days, the same Nigerians have not been able to raise any resistance to General Buhari’s increase of fuel and electricity costs. If you talk, some Nigerians will say come and lead the protest. Who led them to raise a record breaking $15,000 in 5 hours? We can act spontaneously for irrelevancies, but we are looking for others to act for us on relevant things! Nigeria deserves General Buhari!