International Leaders React to U.S. Presidential Election Results Saga


International Leaders React to U.S. Presidential Election Results Saga

Global leaders have begun weighing in on the U.S. presidential election race between incumbent Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden, which still remains too close to call.

Nigel Farage, leader of the U.K. Brexit party and election campaigner for Trump, is sceptical of the postal ballot system, especially after the president cast aspersions on the process early Wednesday.

“I think his comments tonight are out of frustration and I’m not surprised,” said Farage, speaking to BBC News. “I mean, to think that America in the 21st century is incapable of counting votes, state by state, and coming to a result is a pretty bad thing for America.

“What he’s talking about is the potential of voter fraud, and what he was especially talking about was the idea of late votes coming in. And that clearly shouldn’t be allowed now,” continued Farage. “I’m personally very anti-postal voting in totality, but I guess, during a pandemic, that option had to be offered.”

When the BBC asked Farage whether there was any evidence of postal fraud, Farage said that it was so new that it hadn’t come to light yet.

Referring to the U.K. postal ballot system, Farage said, “We know from our own experience — our own miserable experience, 20 years of massively extending postal voting — [that] not only is there fraud, there’s intimidation. We’ve seen it again. Look, I think you’re seeing tonight a president that is frustrated that we haven’t got a clear result.”

Meanwhile, U.K. foreign secretary Dominic Raab remained confident that the U.S. and U.K. would remain “in good shape” no matter which presidential candidate wins.

“I’m confident there is an excellent free trade deal to be done; there’s been a lot of progress so far,” Raab told Sky News. “Let’s wait and see what the outcome is. There is obviously a significant amount of uncertainty. It is much closer than many had expected, but this is for the American people to decide, and we’re confident in the American institutions that will produce a result.”

Raab also spoke glowingly about the “bedrock” of shared values and economic ties and security co-operation between the two nations, noting that the relationship would be “even stronger” going forward.

Raab refused to be drawn on Trump’s remarks despite being repeatedly questioned by the BBC and Sky, and remained resolutely diplomatic.


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