‘A Balance’ and ‘Three’ Win Busan Festival’s Competition Awards


‘A Balance’ and ‘Three’ Win Busan Festival’s Competition Awards

The Busan International Film Festival concluded its 25th edition on Friday with the announcement of prizes across its multiple sections. The competitive New Currents section saw the top prize shared between “A Balance” from Japanese director Harumoto Yujiro and “Three,” a Kazakhstan-Korea- Uzbekistan co-venture directed by Pak Ruslan.

The festival operated a hybrid format, with most events shifted online due to the coronavirus outbreak alongside a handful of in-person screenings at the Busan Cinema Center. It reported that over its ten day run (Oct. 21-30) it had attracted 20,100 visitors to its onsite screenings. Its aggregate online visitors numbered just 30,200 for its BIFF Forum, Asia Contents Awards, the Asian Film Awards, and the Master Class lecture.

 More to follow.

New Currents Award
Winner 1: “A Balance” dir. Harumoto Yujiro (Japan)
Winner 2: “Three” dir. Pak Ruslan (Kazakhstan/Korea/Uzbekistan)

Kim Jiseok Award
Winner 1: “Drowning in Holy Water” dir. Navid Mahmoudi (Afghanistan/Iran)
Winner 2: “The Slaughterhouse” dir. Abbas Amini (Iran)

BIFF Mecenat Award
Winner 1: “The Art of Living in Danger” dir. Mina Keshavarz (Iran/Germany)
Winner 2: “Sister J” dir. Lee Soojung (Korea)
Special Mention: “Self-portrait 2020” dir. Lee Dongwoo (Korea)

Sonje Award
Winner 1: “Georgia” dir. Jayil Pak (Korea)
Winner 2: “Mountain Cat” dir Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir (Mongolia/U.K.)

Actor & Actress of the Year Award
Winner 1: Jisoo in “Our Joyful Summer Days” (Korea)
Winner 2: LIM Seong-mi in “Fighter” (Korea)

Flash Forward Award (voted for by audience members)
Winner: “Tigers” dir. Ronnie Sandahl (Sweden/Italy/Denmark)

Winner: “Summer Blur” dir. Han Shuai (China)

Winner: “Fighter” dir. Jero Yun (Korea)

DGK-Megabox Award
Winner 1: “Young Adult Matters” dir. Lee Hwan (Korea)
Winner 2: “Good Person” dir. Jung Wook (Korea)

CGV Arthouse Award
Winner: “Good Person” dir. Jung Wook (Korea)

KTH Award
Winner 1: Snowball dir. Lee Woo-jung (Korea)
Winner 2: “Young Adult Matters” dir. Lee Hwan (Korea)

KBS Independent Film Award
Winner: “Limecrime” dirs. Lee Seunghwan, Yoo Jaewook | Korea



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